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Classic Mint Toothpaste - Taylors 32 - The Boost Box Company

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Classic Mint Toothpaste - Taylors 32


A classic, minty toothpaste that carefully blends two mints to give a really pure and natural taste. Sodium bicarbonate and silica help remove stains and restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, whilst xylitol and fluoride inhibit plaque from sugar acids and re-strengthen tooth enamel. Beginning with sweet spearmint, which has antiseptic properties, the flavour moves on to peppermint for that all important clean and lasting freshness.


Calcium carbonate - source: chalk, function: gentle abrasive glycerin - source: vegetable, function: moisture retention aqua - source: purified water, function: moistener xylitol - source: plant fibre, function: enamel remineralisation sodium bicarbonate - source: natural mineral, function: polisher silica - source: natural ore, function: structuring agent sodium lauroyl sarcosinate - source: palm oil, function: foaming agent aroma - source: 100% natural flavour, function: fresh taste sodium monofluorophosphate 1350 ppm f - source: calcium fluoride, function: helps prevent tooth decay cellulose gum - source: plant fibre, function: thickener tocopheryl acetate - source: vitamin e, function: may promote oral health

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