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About Us

Nell, Ben, Queenie and Nadia with Bibi at the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton, Surrey during Bibi's chemotherapy treatment

Nell, Ben, Queenie, Nadia and Bibi.
Royal Marsden.

In 2013 our eldest daughter Bibi was diagnosed with Lymphoma. In the space of three days she went from being a school girl with a cough to a cancer patient recovering from surgery.

As her parents, we knew instinctively that Bibi’s ability to cope with her illness would depend on how she saw us coping. So we decided early on that if we couldn’t protect her from all the procedures she was going to have to face, then at least we could protect her from the environment, the language, the protocols - basically the world that she had now been catapulted into.

It was to that end we created simple routines and rituals to give us a sense of purpose and a focus for our days. We figured, Bibi might have cancer, but focusing on the cancer was not going to make it go away, so we didn’t. Instead, we channelled all our energy into lifting her spirits, keeping her distracted and reminding her she was a 15-year-old girl and not just a patient.

We also becoming increasingly mindful that Bibi was being pumped full of drugs which were were causing all manner of unpleasant side effects. As a result, we made it our mission to find great products, free from chemicals and preservatives, that wouldn’t add more toxicity to her already overloaded body but were nevertheless highly effective at combating some of the side effects that can occur.

So why a Boost Box and what does a Boost Box look and feel like?

  • We think it’s a beautiful gift box that isn’t afraid to brighten up a room together with luxury wrapping designed to create a feeling of excitement and anticipation.
  • We think it’s carefully selected products, chosen specifically for their quality and effectiveness.
  • We think it’s pampering gifts that comfort and soothe - that make you feel as though you’re receiving a big hug.
  • We think it’s practical gifts that engage and distract you, helping to draw your attention away from any pain or anxiety you may be experiencing.
  • We think it’s surprising gifts that you may not have considered before, or even heard of, but are now wondering how you ever managed without.
  • We think it's about gifts that say, ‘Hey I’m thinking of you, I hope this helps’ - because it's tough sometimes.
  • We think it’s about gifts that celebrate the person, not their ailment.
  • Finally, we think it’s about love, sending love, receiving love and feeling love, because love is healing.

Bibi is now 18 and has just completed her A Levels. She has been in remission for three years and is both the inspiration and the motivation behind the Boost Box.



Founder - The Boost Box Company