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Queenie's Boost Box-Cancer Gift Box-natural and therapeutic gift box

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Queenie's Boost Box

A treat for hands and feet, Queenie's Boost Box, includes a fabulous nail varnish, free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and parabens. An extra sensitive skin balm - ideal for softening and nourishing hands, nails, cuticles and feet, a pair of glitzy nail files for smoothing away rough edges, some fruity herbal tea packed with Vitamin C and a delicious chocolate bar free from refined sugar, dairy, soy and gluten for an extra energy boost.

Skin Balm Extra Sensitive - Nathalie Bond

Unscented and free from essential oils, this rich, nourishing balm melts into the skin, moisturising and brightening dry and dull patches. Its versatility means it's good for hands, feet, body, and face and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Made in small batches, with 100% pure botanical ingredients. 60ml.


  • Apricot kernel oil's light texture means it can be absorbed quickly into the skin. 
  • Jojoba oil is commonly used as a natural moisturiser in products because it contains some properties that are similar to the natural conditioner produced by skin sebum.
  • Calendula is commonly used in skincare thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Medical research conducted into calendula’s ability to repair skin found it stimulates angiogenesis (the production of blood vessels) and fibroplasia (the formation of tissues when healing a wound).
  • Vitamin E's antioxidant properties mean it is good at protecting the skin from unpleasant toxins and the sun’s powerful rays, whilst also helping to retain moisture.

Three Free Nail Varnish - Butter London

This fabulous nail varnish in Ruby Murray comes from cult brand, Butter London, whose highly pigmented varnishes are all formulated without the use of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP or parabens. 11ml 

2 Glitzy Nail Files

These brightly coloured glitzy nail files are cushioned and ideal for smoothing away rough edges. There are two files per pack, featuring one colour and one silver.

The Berry Best - Joe's Tea Company

This powerhouse of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries is ultra-rich in vitamin C. Joe's Tea use only 100% organic Ceylon loose tea leaves for the most outstanding, pure and fresh flavour possible. Comes in 15 good-to-go fuso bags.

Coconut & Goji Chocolate Bar - Pana Raw Chocolate

A delicious handmade chocolate bar with multiple textures, multiple antioxidants, and multiple fans. Pana Chocolate is made from raw, vegan, organic ingredients with no refined sugar, dairy, soy or gluten.